Our Team


Tanya Nel

As CEO Tanya leads Parts Pavilion in achieving its vision by “creating mobility in Africa”. Driven by a women owned business, Tanya is passionate about empowering women and driving a positive attitude within the work force.

With 20 years of experience within the automotive industry combined with import and exports she specialises in client engagements and negotiations.

  • info@partspavilion.co.za

  • +27 72 954 2035


Bernadine Grabe

Bernadine has experience within automotive and client engagement.

She is a product specialist for the mining, construction, and agriculture sector. Her skills set is client engagement and negotiation.

  • marketing4@partspavilion.co.za

  • +27 82 446 9356


Diana Lisher

Diana is passionate about sales with years of experience in the mining sector. She specialises in project management specifically project launches for the mines.

Diana is the head of drilling and blasting projects with EMS mining which is a preferred project partner of Parts pavilion.

  • marketing1@partspavilion.co.za

  • +27 83 573 2979


Linda Diedericks

Linda is highly motivated and is driven by engaging within the workforce at Parts pavilion. She is involved in various professional bodies within the executive field.

With over 6 years of automotive experience combined with mining and engineering experience she specialises in operations management.

  • sales@partspavilion.co.za

  • +27 82 557 9447

Gabriel Boji

Gabriel Boji

Gabriel is passionate about overcoming barriers that companies face with being unable to communicate with their clients. He is originally from DRC Congo and is fluent is various languages. With years of experience in the financial industry and marketing.

Gabriel specialises in dealing with clients in Africa using his language skills in providing customer service.

  • marketing3@partspavilion.co.za

  • +27 66 2183 753


Leandra Harrison

Leandra is passionate about customer service. She has 5 years of experience within the financial sector and 6 year’s experience in automotive. Her drive is sales and great client satisfaction.

Leandra is a parts specialist by trade in all brands for passenger and commercial vehicles.

  • marketing4@partspavilion.co.za

  • +27 82 755 9890